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Exotic Pet Care

At Crysler Animal Hospital, we don’t just help care for cats and dogs. The full range of exotic pets in all shapes and sizes can benefit from robust health and wellness care. Our expert team of veterinarians is happy to discuss the needs of your unique exotic pet and develop a health plan that’s right for their species, breed, and distinct characteristics.

Care for Your Exotic Pet

Are you the proud owner of an unusual pet? Crysler Animal Hospital provides exceptional veterinary care for birds, reptiles, ferrets, and rabbits.

In order to treat exotic animals, veterinarians must obtain training beyond veterinary school. This means that not any doctor can properly treat your exotic pet. Exotic animals have specific health needs, and each species is prone to different diseases that require different treatments. Our veterinarians can help you care for your unique pet.

We offer many of the same health services for our exotic patients as we do for our canine and feline friends, including wellness exams, vaccinations, blood screening, spay-neuter surgery, and more. We recommend yearly wellness exams for all birds and other exotic pets. These visits help our veterinarians detect any potential medical concerns as early as possible and enable us to  proceed with a diagnosis and treatment plan immediately. Treating conditions in their early stages is the best way to maximize your pet’s chances of recovery.

If you have any questions about our exotic animal services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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